Inspiration - energy x  heritage x future 

Inspired by the colors of one’s aura and botanicals from our Indian heritage, we created Kindia. Growing up in an Indian household in Kenya, mumma would make us homemade masks from natural ingredients like haldi (turmeric), dahee (yogurt), neem and channa ka aata (chickpea flour) to hydrate, illuminate and rejuvenate our skin. Seeing the positive effects it had, we formulated some of these ingredients with bonding supplements to create our masks. 

People - When the minority becomes the majority - founders note

Building Kindia from ideation to execution, I tapped into my circle of people - The brand is mine just as much as it is theirs. My people are dope, their people are dope and their people are dope. That is the foundation of Kindia. Dope people who are children of immigrants, who have worn different hats in their lifetimes, have had multiple life experiences and gotten great at bettering themselves while finessing their craft - that’s what it’s about, tapping into your community to create products for the community.

Our team is made up of badass designers, creatives, chemists, entrepreneurs and marketers who work hard greasing the wheel to create products with efficacy. Yes, Kindia is female owned and the majority of the workspace identifies as female. Our team members are part of the LGBTQ community, are diverse, with different ethnicities and for some of us, English might not be our first language. It wasn’t set up this way. It’s just who our team is and who we surround ourselves with.

I want to take this time to say Thank you for your support and welcome to the Kindia family.

With gratitude,


Our vow - evolve, adapt and understand

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