a new wave of beauty

As a young girl, I would always 'mask' behind different personalities and did anything to fit in, moving me further from my authentic self. I was made to be embarassed of how I looked, where I came from and how different I was. The unconditioning and shift in mentality was a long but rewarding process.

I never want to feel like that again. I want to remind myself that life is all about the balance of meeting you where you are, as you are while exhuberating that good good energy.

That’s why I’ve surrounded myself with a team of designers, creatives, chemists, entrepreneurs and marketers who work hard at greasing the wheel to create products with efficacy and authenticity.

KINDIA is female-owned and the majority of the workspace identifies as female. Our team members are part of the LGBTQIA+ community, culturally and ethnically different, and for some of us, English might not be our first language.

Embracing the beauty from different cultures, learnings and experiences, we created KINDIA - a brand that meets you where you are as you are.

There's no room to 'mask' behind different personalities, trying to fit in. Trust us, we learned the hard and difficult way. It felt fitting to create our first set of product - our aura masks.

Growing up in an Indian household in Kenya, mumma would make us homemade masks from natural ingredients like haldi, rosewater, neem and aloe-vera to hydrate, illuminate and rejuvenate our skin. We combined them with active ingredients so we could drip in the good stuff.

dharni patel,
kindia’s mama